Optical illusion – the green and blue are the same colour!


Look at the first image. A swirly image with green and blue spirals right? Wrong! The green and blue are actually the same colour. Open up the file in Photoshop and do a colour picker and it they both come out as #0bf49c. From the fun Richard Wiseman blog




‘Thing’ found by Edinburgh Fringe


A mysterious Thing was discovered earlier this month on Edinburgh’s Princes Street.

The suspicious object was unearthed during routine drilling as part of a city centre development.

Members of the construction team reported being drawn towards a strange mesmeric glow just below the street surface.

Following discovery, the area was immediately quarantined and experts from the Edinburgh Fringe were summoned to safely remove the ‘Thing’.

Early reports are unclear as Edinburgh Fringe refuses to comment but it is understood that a series of experiments will be undertaken at a secure location deep inside the Department of Ovology at the Edinburgh Fringe.

An onlooker described the scene as ‘dramatic’: “At first the area was sealed off until men in white protective gear turned up. Suddenly they were walking away from the site with something glowing under a cover. Loads of people were hanging around trying to get a good picture!”

The discovery comes only weeks before the start of the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe (7-31 August) and the temporary completion of the tram works.

All eyes are now on Chief Science Officer at The Fringe Department of Ovology, Professor Ed Hegg as more information looks set to be released about the unexplained finding.

More info at The Fringe Thing