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Check this superb entry to our 10×10 Project from Douglas Henderson of Cumbria Institute of the Arts. If anyone else would like to enter and raise money for charity in the process then enter here.


Beijing 2008

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Wowzer! Just seen some pretty stunning CGI’s of the olympic stadium and swimming centre! London 2012 has got a lot to live up to already! See more at Inhabitat site. Love the description from the Swiss architects Herzog & Meuron (also did the cool Munich Stadium) “The spatial effect of the stadium is novel and radical and yet simple and of an almost archaic immediacy. Its appearance is pure structure. Facade and structure are identical.” Erm… ok!

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Envelope Security Patterns

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Envelope Security Pattern

In response to our Public Transport Patterns post, Mike, from DigitalAgency, sent us a link to another interesting patterns project – a collection of envelope security patterns from around the world.

It’s great when something as banal as an envelope is treated with consideration and given a bit of life. There’s definitely something Bridget Riley-ish about these, and, just like the transport patterns, they could easily sit alongside her work on a gallery wall. Brilliant.