Twitterpicture Limited edition print

Design, Fun, Illustration, social media

238 Tweets, 48 Hours, 14 Fineliners, 2 Penguins, 1 #TwitterPicture. The Twitter picture is complete. (Although the Lumberjack is missing his suspenders and bra). Johanna Basford Twitterpicture project is now available as a limited edition print for £150.



Johanna Basford’s Twitterpicture

Fun, Illustration, Inspiration, Online, social media

Fantastic project by the talented Johanna Basford in which over a 48 hour time period she is attempting to draw objects as suggested by her Twitter followers. Simply tweet your object with hashtag #twitterpicture and then sit back and let Johanna do all the work. This is why they invented Twitter! You can see the latest artwork on her blog.