The best use of Facebook Connect ever! (that I’ve seen)

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Nice find from Whitespacer Kate Bordwell today. This new campaign from Stella Artois utilises Facebook Connect wth hilarious effects! Are you the heir to the Jacques’ legendary weekend in Cannes? Find out! Nice extension of the campaign on a Facebook fanpage aswell.


Favourite design blogs: cpluv

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A while back us designers here at Whitespace did a straw poll to discover our favourite design blogs with the intention to write a post about our top 10. Unfortunately there were so many we never did did get a chance to work out the top 10. So instead we are going to post a few of our favourites.

First up is recently revamped ComputerLove, a daily magazine on art, design and creative culture. It’s been around for a while and used to be quite ‘out there’ at times but the new version has become much more relevant to today digital culture. Split up into static, motion and interactive it shows off some amazing pieces of inspiring creativity. The varied nature of topics keeps it fresh. They have also added a search feature which was something lacking in the old version. The new layout is also nice and easy to scan. It’s almost like reading a broadsheet although it is slightly annoying that you can’t view endless pieces of work as per Reform and Revolution. You can also feed in you own blog and social media has been integrated at every opportunity. The new version is still in it’s Beta stages so maybe there will be more improvements to come. Watch this space. Looks good on an iPhone as well.

Fantasy Interactive – World’s Best Online Agency?

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Wonderful work from Swedish based studio Fantasy Interactive on display in their online portfolio. Lovely range of inspirational visuals and intuitive interaction such as the alcohol counter (all in Swedish unfortunately). They also have an office in New York which allows them to work on global brands such as Nintendo, EA and MTV and were recently referred to as the “world’s best agency” according to Web Designer Magazine. They must be one of the best but who else can stake a claim to be the No.1 online agency?

Fantasy Interactive

The Fun Theory

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‘The Fun Theory’ is a new campaign created by DDB Stockholm for Volkswagen to promote it’s ‘Blue Technologies’ brand.

Through a series of experiments, which currently include ‘Piano Stairs’ and ‘The World’s Deepest Bin’, the campaign aims to ‘change peoples behaviour for the better’. The piano video link arrived in our inboxes last week, just two days after it was posted on youtube, and has so far notched up 2.8 million views on youtube. Impressively, this puts it up there with recent classic adverts such as the Cadbury’s ‘Gorilla’ advert (3.6 million views) and Sony Bravia’s ‘Balls’ (1.8 million views).

The website is presented as a blog-style showcase of everyday-people’s inventions with a call to action to enter your own ideas into a competition, consequently providing the content for the site and a limitless shelf-life.

Volkswagen’s association with the campaign is played down, yet it comes through as the hero, in a similar way to the Chalkbot campaign by Nike featured here a while back, both of which succeed at engaging people with a genuinely interesting idea minus the hard-sell.

Clever stuff.

Johanna Basford’s Twitterpicture

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Fantastic project by the talented Johanna Basford in which over a 48 hour time period she is attempting to draw objects as suggested by her Twitter followers. Simply tweet your object with hashtag #twitterpicture and then sit back and let Johanna do all the work. This is why they invented Twitter! You can see the latest artwork on her blog.