Chang and Everton


Not often that we put up our own work but thought this job for Chang Beer was worth a wee mention. We have just launched a penalty shoot out competition for Everton fans to win a mascot experience for their children. It’s a pretty amazing prize as waiting list for the being the mascot are up to 5 years!


The Art of The Title Sequence


Love great title sequences (sometimes more than the movies they are for) and we love the blog The Art of The Title Sequence. An incredible amount of inspiration on the site which features title sequences from modern films such as Coraline to classic favourites such as Saul Bass’ Vertigo titles. All videos are also available in a iphone friendly quicktime movie format. Which makes us love this site even more!

The World Wide Ceilidh


To help promote St Andrew’s Day, Edinburgh based Whitespace have just created The World Wide Ceilidh for The aim is to get as many people to join the world’s biggest Scottish country Ceilidh dance for St Andrew’s Day on November the 30th. You can upload you and your partners picture via Facebook or a webcam, customise your dancers from a range of tartans, sporrans and even shoes. Then choose a dance and watch yourself join in the action.

NEoN Digital Arts Festival


To give it its full rather long winded title The North East of North Digital Arts Festival kicks off this weekend in Dundee showcasing the world leaders of digital arts including interactive, online, videogame, music, movie, broadcast and digital media sectors. Some really top names will be attending including AXIS animation, ex Pixar great Bud Luckey, Al Mooney from Adobe and Microsoft Academic Evangelist Paolo Barone. Follow NEoN on Twitter for all the latest gossip.

NEon Digital Arts Festival

How to move an Irish pub to Paris


Irish pub

Picture 48

Have spend hours pouring over some fantastic CGI images on the Taylor James website. Tayloe James are experts in image creation whether it be CGI or traditional composition or even mixture of both. It’s interesting that many cars manufacturer now use full CGI’s rather than shoot the product as the results are now so realistic there is no need to have the real thing.