Favourite Design Blog #2 – Form Fifty Five


A source of design inspiration for a while now has been FormFiftyFive. Without doubt one of the best design blogs out there. It was founded by a bunch of designers eager to share the cool things they found. Now in a world of thousands of design blogs it still stands above much of the competition. The secret seems to be in the quality of it’s content. Every image used is of exceptional quality and the work featured is interesting and varied. If we had one criticism then it would be that we would like to see more digital projects.


Twitterpicture Limited edition print

Design, Fun, Illustration, social media

238 Tweets, 48 Hours, 14 Fineliners, 2 Penguins, 1 #TwitterPicture. The Twitter picture is complete. (Although the Lumberjack is missing his suspenders and bra). Johanna Basford Twitterpicture project is now available as a limited edition print for £150.