The best Long Lunches


Long Lunch has produced some amazing talks over the years. Whitespace has been to most. Here’s a run done of the most inspirational.

In no particular order:

Made Thought
Fantastic enthusiasm from these two blokes as they strived for perfection in their designs. A lot of the designs were simple then refined and simplified even more.

Lucky Voice

One of the first agencies that really talked sense in the online world. Great work for the Hayward Gallery (since been redone but you can see the old one below) they really managed to convey the sense that website could and should have concepts behind them


Morag Myrescough
Some great work. A lot of wayfinding graphics and exhibition but again similar to De-constuct it was idea focused. Favourite bit of inspiration was when they needed to design a directional sign that showed people which way to go so they decided why not do a really big arrow? Love it! Reinforces the idea that simple is better. Usually the first idea is right. Simples.


Peter Saville
Probably the most famous graphic designer in the world showed some of his legendary work for bands such as Joy Division and New order and gave an eye opener into the workings of Pentgram. He didn’t prepare a talk as such but rather answered pre-arranged questions. Some left disappointed but most were inspired.

peter saville


One thought on “The best Long Lunches

  1. Oooooo, a very hard question – they’ve all been good (but I’m maybe biased!).

    Think I’d have to say Tony Brook/Spin – amazing work which just kept getting better and better. (Don’t miss Tony speaking for LongLunch again in London later this month.)

    Close runners-up are Sean Perkins/North, and the lovely Paul and Paula from Form – shame on those of you who missed the latter to watch Scotland lose at football!

    This is like choosing a favourite son or daughter though. I know that the Saville talk was the highest stress one anyway!

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