Avatar vs. The Third & The Seventh


After seeing Avatar and being quite blown away by it’s amazing CGI I came across Alex Roman’s The Third & The Seventh. This got me thinking. In true Harry Hill TV Burp style who’d win in a fight? I mean, don’t get me wrong, Pandora is pretty cool but I’m not sure I ever felt like I was fully transported into the world. It felt a little like being in spectacular animation. An amazing animation (especially the glowing forest foliage – wow) but an animation nonetheless. Alex Roman’s abstract piece left me in true awe. And I’ll bet it cost a fraction of the big Hollywood budget.

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.


How to move an Irish pub to Paris


Irish pub

Picture 48

Have spend hours pouring over some fantastic CGI images on the Taylor James website. Tayloe James are experts in image creation whether it be CGI or traditional composition or even mixture of both. It’s interesting that many cars manufacturer now use full CGI’s rather than shoot the product as the results are now so realistic there is no need to have the real thing.

Gin. Nice.


We’ve been playing around a bit with Papervision here at Whitespace. Can’t quite decide if it’s really nice or a little unuser friendly. The potential is there!  Here is a nice example Gordon’s Gin. Although I prefer our own gin website that we are currently designing – Caorunn (designed, slightly ironically, by our designer Gordon).

Picture 6Picture 4