The amazing Selleck Waterfall Sandwich


That’s right. A website consisting of neatly photoshopped images of the man, his moustache, a waterfall and a sandwich. Why? No idea. But somehow it’s strangely entertaining. I feel there is a Whitespace photoshop competition in this.  Maybe a Burt Reynolds version.


How to move an Irish pub to Paris


Irish pub

Picture 48

Have spend hours pouring over some fantastic CGI images on the Taylor James website. Tayloe James are experts in image creation whether it be CGI or traditional composition or even mixture of both. It’s interesting that many cars manufacturer now use full CGI’s rather than shoot the product as the results are now so realistic there is no need to have the real thing.


Fun, Inspiration, Photography

You won’t believe your eyes when you look at Ben Thomas curiously amazing photographs. You may well believe you are looking at an intricate model city but in fact these are shots of the full 100% to scale versions made to look small. Why? Why not? They give new spin on our normal everyday lives.