The amazing Selleck Waterfall Sandwich


That’s right. A website consisting of neatly photoshopped images of the man, his moustache, a waterfall and a sandwich. Why? No idea. But somehow it’s strangely entertaining. I feel there is a Whitespace photoshop competition in this.  Maybe a Burt Reynolds version.


Make yourself a hero


Hilarious website from Sweden to thank people for paying their TV license (although I’m not sure everyone will be thrilled with the production values of the movie). Yes, you can make yourself a hero. Best to upload a stupid picture of yourself picking your nose or something (now who would do such a thing?) and sit back and watch some very clever video/flash integration thingy (hope I’m not being too technical).


Watch out for Scottish MINI in 2010


If you are around in Edinburgh at Hogmanay 09/10 then chances are that you will see a MINI dressed as a Highland Cow driving about the streets of Edinburgh. To promote Peter Vardy’s status as the Number one for used MINIs in Scotland Whitespace has created Scottish MINI – a loveable city MINI that has never seen the beautiful Scottish scenery so has decided to travel around Scotland and meet the population. The car was created by Inchmere Design who were the team behind the Innocent Smoothie grass Vans.

Checking out what it’s up to at:

The World Wide Ceilidh


To help promote St Andrew’s Day, Edinburgh based Whitespace have just created The World Wide Ceilidh for The aim is to get as many people to join the world’s biggest Scottish country Ceilidh dance for St Andrew’s Day on November the 30th. You can upload you and your partners picture via Facebook or a webcam, customise your dancers from a range of tartans, sporrans and even shoes. Then choose a dance and watch yourself join in the action.

Charming windosill wackiness


Love this curious but inventive interactive flash piece from Vectorpark. It takes a bit of thinking and playing around with but is totally worth it in the end. The aim of the game is simple – get the cube into the hole in the wall which then unlocks the door for your toy car go to the next level.The puzzle become slowly more intricate and challenging. Worth a play.


‘Thing’ found by Edinburgh Fringe


A mysterious Thing was discovered earlier this month on Edinburgh’s Princes Street.

The suspicious object was unearthed during routine drilling as part of a city centre development.

Members of the construction team reported being drawn towards a strange mesmeric glow just below the street surface.

Following discovery, the area was immediately quarantined and experts from the Edinburgh Fringe were summoned to safely remove the ‘Thing’.

Early reports are unclear as Edinburgh Fringe refuses to comment but it is understood that a series of experiments will be undertaken at a secure location deep inside the Department of Ovology at the Edinburgh Fringe.

An onlooker described the scene as ‘dramatic’: “At first the area was sealed off until men in white protective gear turned up. Suddenly they were walking away from the site with something glowing under a cover. Loads of people were hanging around trying to get a good picture!”

The discovery comes only weeks before the start of the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe (7-31 August) and the temporary completion of the tram works.

All eyes are now on Chief Science Officer at The Fringe Department of Ovology, Professor Ed Hegg as more information looks set to be released about the unexplained finding.

More info at The Fringe Thing