The best use of Facebook Connect ever! (that I’ve seen)

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Nice find from Whitespacer Kate Bordwell today. This new campaign from Stella Artois utilises Facebook Connect wth hilarious effects! Are you the heir to the Jacques’ legendary weekend in Cannes? Find out! Nice extension of the campaign on a Facebook fanpage aswell.


Favourite design blogs: cpluv

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A while back us designers here at Whitespace did a straw poll to discover our favourite design blogs with the intention to write a post about our top 10. Unfortunately there were so many we never did did get a chance to work out the top 10. So instead we are going to post a few of our favourites.

First up is recently revamped ComputerLove, a daily magazine on art, design and creative culture. It’s been around for a while and used to be quite ‘out there’ at times but the new version has become much more relevant to today digital culture. Split up into static, motion and interactive it shows off some amazing pieces of inspiring creativity. The varied nature of topics keeps it fresh. They have also added a search feature which was something lacking in the old version. The new layout is also nice and easy to scan. It’s almost like reading a broadsheet although it is slightly annoying that you can’t view endless pieces of work as per Reform and Revolution. You can also feed in you own blog and social media has been integrated at every opportunity. The new version is still in it’s Beta stages so maybe there will be more improvements to come. Watch this space. Looks good on an iPhone as well.

Super fast Flash

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There a love/hate relationship with Flash based sites at Whitespace. We love the visual look but hate (really hate) the long loading times and the usual complicated navigation that goes with them. Refreshing to see Canadian based Academy creating a visually stunning, easy to use and most importantly fast Flash site for The History of Flight. This engaging site takes you through Michael Jordan’s life and his relationship with his Nike trainers in a super slick timeline which includes video content of the man himself. Nice!

History of Flight


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Onwards is an animated film by illustrator James Jarvis and director Richard Kenworthy. It follows a character out on a run through a landscape that becomes increasingly abstract and Escheresque as the film progresses.

The simple, hand-drawn execution is layered onto a technically-sophisticated 3D world and the effect is amazing — perfectly capturing the day-dreaming experience of running.

The film is ‘presented by Nike’, and, much like ‘Chalkbot‘ (another Nike project) and ‘The Fun Theory‘ (by Volkswagen) keeps the association with the big brand subtle, allowing the idea to shine through.

Johanna Basford’s Twitterpicture

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Fantastic project by the talented Johanna Basford in which over a 48 hour time period she is attempting to draw objects as suggested by her Twitter followers. Simply tweet your object with hashtag #twitterpicture and then sit back and let Johanna do all the work. This is why they invented Twitter! You can see the latest artwork on her blog.


Living Lettering

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Beautifully hand-drawn lettering from Amsterdam-based artist Job Wouters, aka Letman. His diverse style incorporates elements of illustration and graffiti and it’s refreshing to see graphic work that’s not been touched by a computer process. The site has lots of interesting projects but Exit 2004, which involved him making 500 individually drawn posters for his college graduation exhibition, and his Live Lettering project for the Audi stand at DesignMiami 2009 stand out.

Exit 2004

DesignMiami 2009

Whitespace weddings – a cut above the rest

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We love weddings here at Whitespace. Great food, great company, men in kilts, champagne, cake and of course the chance to design some fancy wedding invites. We have 4 weddings this year. First up is account manager Jan Carrol and her forthcoming marriage to Rory Paterson. They commissioned designer Pam MacDonald to create an online invitation and website The result was an labour of love with a hand cutout illustration used on the website and email invites.

Jan and Rory - 4th July 2009